Pátria Amada Mozambique National anthem Vocal

Pátria Amada is the National Anthem of Mozambique, it replaced Viva, Viva a FRELIMO in 2002.

Pátria Amada Mozambique National anthem English Translation:

In the memory of Africa and the World
Beautiful fatherland of those that dared to fight
Mozambique, your name is freedom
The Sun of June forever will shine

Chorus (2x)
Mozambique, our Glorious Land
Rock by rock constructing the new day
Millions of arms in one only force
O Loved fatherland we will be successful

United people from Rovuma to Maputo
It harvests the fruits of the combat for the Peace
The dream grows waving in the flag
And goes cultivating in the certainty of tomorrow

Chorus (2x)

Flowers sprouting of the soil of your sweat
For mounts, the rivers, the sea
We swear for you, O Mozambique
No tyrant in will enslave us

Chorus (2x)


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