Druk tsendhen Bhutan National anthem Vocal

Druk tsendhen (“The Thunder Dragon Kingdom”) is the national anthem of Bhutan. Adopted in 1953, the music is by Aku Tongmi and the words are by Dasho Gyaldun Thinley. Tongmi was educated in India and was recently appointed leader of the military brass band when the need for an anthem rose at the occasion of […]

Åland National anthem Vocal

The Aland Islands are a group of islands between Sweden and Finland. A province of Finland, they are Swedish speaking. Aland National anthem Swedish lyrics: 1. Landet med tusende öar och skär, danat ur havsvågors sköte. Åland, vårt Åland, vår hembygd det är. Dig går vår längtan till möte! Forngravars kummel i hängbjörkars skygd tälja […]

Russian National Anthem English Meaning


NATIONAL ANTHEM OF RUSSIA   INTRODUCTION: Whenever there is a debate of world largest country is raised, the name of Russia comes in the mind of everybody. Russia is the world largest nation; its boarders are spread from the European countries to the Asian on the other side from the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific. […]

Nepal National Anthem Lyrics in English

Nepali National Anthem English Lyrics Nepal’s national anthem was written by Pradeep Kumar Rai and it was selected among 1272 anthems submitted by different poems and it was composed by Ambar Gurung which was then adopted on August 3, 2007. Sayau thunga phoolkaa haamee yautai mala nepali Sarwabhauma bhai phailayakaa mechi mahakalee Sayau thunga phoolkaa haamee yautai […]

Bangladesh National Anthem Lyrics in English

Bangla National Anthem Lyrics in English Amar shonar Bangla was written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore in 1906. the anthem was officially adopted in April, 1971. the lyricist has also written and composed the national anthem of india. Amar shonar Bangla, ami tomae bhalobashi. Chirodin tomar akash, tomar batash, amar prane bajae bãshi. O ma, […]

Free Download Russian National Anthem Mp3 Song


Free Download National Anthem Of The Russian Federation National anthem of the Russian federation was written by Серге́й Влади́мирович Михалко́в (Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov) and composed by Александр Васильевич Александров (Alexandr Vasilievich Alexandrov). the anthem was adopted in December 2000 from the song of the soviet union and the bill was presented by Russia’s new president […]

Welsh National Anthem Lyrics

wales national anthem lyrics in welsh

Wales National Anthem ” The Old Land Of My Fathers is Dear To Me “ Wales is a constituent nation of the United Kingdom, like the other nations of the UK, Wales also has its own national anthem , it is written by Evan James and composed by James James, which is in use since 1858 […]

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