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Druk tsendhen Bhutan National anthem Vocal

Druk tsendhen (“The Thunder Dragon Kingdom”) is the national anthem of Bhutan. Adopted in 1953, the music is by Aku Tongmi and the words are by Dasho Gyaldun Thinley. Tongmi was educated in India and was recently appointed leader of the military brass band when the need for an anthem rose at the occasion of […]

Åland National anthem Vocal

The Aland Islands are a group of islands between Sweden and Finland. A province of Finland, they are Swedish speaking. Aland National anthem Swedish lyrics: 1. Landet med tusende öar och skär, danat ur havsvågors sköte. Åland, vårt Åland, vår hembygd det är. Dig går vår längtan till möte! Forngravars kummel i hängbjörkars skygd tälja […]

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